Interior-Porn Brooklyn Duo Launch A Jewelry Line

Nothing makes us more proud than girls doing their thing, so when our pals at Design Glut announced that they were making their first official line of jewelry, we had to give them props. The duo, besties Liz Kinnmark and Kegan Fisher, met at Pratt Institute and decided to launch a industrial design business based on their love of beautiful objects and tongue-in-cheek humor. Embodying the spirit of DIY (they do everything, including their press, themselves), Design Glut has been featured at the MOMA Design Shop, Patricia Field and Urban Outfitters. Despite the fact that their housewares have been a success —the adorable Egg Pants cup your soft-boiled eggs, and the Hookmaker hangs in nearly every shabby-chic Brooklyn abode we've seen—the gals have decided to try their hand at wearables and we've got the first glimpse. Since making jewelry prototypes (and they prefer sharp-laser cut techniques) is major money, they've set up a Kickstarter page to fund their venture. Made for aspiring entrepreneurs, Kickstarter allows pledgers to "back" individuals, only charging the do-gooders money when a predetermined goal is reached.

Help a sista out and get some sweet rewards (like limited-edition necklaces), or if you prefer the unbeatable cost of free, hop on into the comments section and share your favorite industrial designers. Two lucky winners will receive either Design Glut's brand-new Balloon Necklace (only a handful in existence) or their now-classic World Links. Good luck, to you and them!


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