The Best Way To Combat Fake Fashion? With A Fake Website, Of Course

If only there was a magic button that popped up every time we were about to make a huge purchasing mistake... As we click the checkout button to buy what we think is a vintage Chanel 2.55, a small notice lets us know, "Nope, don't do it. That's no Chanel." Yes, it may be a tricky task trying to identify and actually purchase designer vintage pieces on the web, but one website, appropriately named DesignFauxReal, is raising awareness about the real danger and harm of shopping counterfeit items.
As reported by WWD today, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the Luxury Design Council are behind the site that appears to act like a regular e-commerce portal, allowing you to browse popular mass brands like Juicy Couture or Tiffany & Co. Although it's the less-than-subtle warnings — "Complimentary Credit Card Debt" should raise some eyebrows — that will likely catch your eye before ever attempting to hand over your credit card numbers. (Don't worry, the site won't actually take it.) This new website also links directly to the homepage for the IACC, International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition, where the real dangers of counterfeit products are laid out in a much more serious way. "Made to both scare and amuse people,” says the DesignFauxReal creator, Neil Kraft, this website may be the only positive fake out in the whole fake-fashion conversation. (WWD)
Photo: Via WWD

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