Totally Rad: Now THIS Is How You Do Denim Nails

Ah, the acid-wash jean. We didn't know what to make of it when it was red-hot circa our (original) 90210 days, and we certainly didn't know what to think when it made a comeback among Brooklyn's most tragically hip, in more recent years. Once again, the question arose of whether or not it is possible for anyone's body to be flattered by high-waisted, bleached-out, large-of-pocket denim. But this isn't just a rant — no, really. The reason behind our denim ramblings is that we've actually found a non-controversial way to wear acid-wash jeans: on your nails.
We're all about nail masterpieces that are less Picasso and more Jackson Pollock, and that streaky, crazy, awesome pattern — like tie-dye gone rogue — lends itself brilliantly to nail art. Yes, acid-wash-jean nails might freak out our Great Aunt Milly at the holiday table (what is the bad city doing to us?), but like those high-waisted, slashed dungarees, we'd say that these nails are so wrong that they're definitely right.
In this video, NYC nail artist Julie Kandalec will show you how to score these sweet dungaree digits for yourself.
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