PR Maven Jenni Lee Could Run A Denim Shop Out Of Her Closet

Jenni Lee.

"I currently work as a beauty publicist at BPCM. Before moving to New York I went to UPenn, and I’m originally from Phoenix, Arizona (GO SUNS)."

What were your first pair of jeans?
"Judging from old baby photos, I owned a pair of OshKosh B’Gosh overalls purchased by my mother. But the first denim I can actually remember is a pair of Gap overalls. My sister and brother had the same pair because my mom always coordinated matching outfits; we were basically the poster children for Gap in the '90s. It must have had an impact on me because I still own a pair of overalls."

What are you wearing?
First Look: "I’m wearing Current/Elliott denim shorts with a Pretty Penny Stock button down shirt, Pamela Love jewelry, a vintage belt, and Vans Authentics with neon orange laces."
Second Look: "I’m wearing Current/Elliott lowbell jeans, a Current/Elliott denim shirt, a Pamela Love ring, a J.Crew belt, and a Tila March bag."
"My summer uniform consists of a pair of denim shorts and Vans sneakers — you will most likely see me wearing this combo in a variation of colors and patterns. These particular shorts happen to be my favorite pair. They've gotten me through three summers, and I’m excited to bring them out for a fourth run. My shirt is by a cool new California brand called Pretty Penny Stock; I enjoy wearing traditionally boyish pieces in a feminine way, and this brand is all about that. You know when jeans are worn-in to the point that they are so comfortable you could sleep in them? These are those jeans. Add a denim shirt to the mix, and voila, you have my version of the Canadian Tuxedo. I’m also really enjoying stripes on stripes, so I topped off the conductor striped denim with this sweater."

How many pairs of jeans do you own?
"I’ve never counted how many pairs I own, but let’s just say that I could set up my own denim shop."

Do you have a preferred philosophy when it comes to jeans: Sexy and skinny, or loose and comfy? 
"I do both, it depends on my mood in the morning."


Used or new?

What's your signature wash...or does it matter?
"It doesn’t matter as long as they fit well."


What's your favorite way to wear your jeans and with what?
"High-waisted, cut off, with a loose white tee."

If your jeans had a name or theme song, what would it be? Or do they?
"Marc Bolan & T. Rex – '20th Century Boy'."

Favorite example of celebrity-jean wearing (i.e., Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA album cover). 
"Farrah Fawcett in jeans and Nikes, riding a skateboard for an episode of Charlie’s Angels."

What do you love most about your favorite denim pieces? 
"They remind me of things I look forward to during the summer – the beach, outdoor concerts, bbqs, and popsicles."

Photographed by Kava Gorna. Casting by Megan Delaney.

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