Small-Space Tips From A Tiny-House Owner

One of the biggest trends in home design these days is keeping things small. Take, for instance, tiny houses. Rooted in values of sustainability and community (both locally and globally), the tiny-house phenomenon has grown from an under-the-radar lifestyle your back-to-the-land brother-in-law was mulling over to a culture with its own television series. That show, Tiny House Nation, features hosts Zack Giffin and John Weisbarth traveling the country designing and building tiny dwellings for all types of people looking to downsize and live more simply.
Giffin came to the tiny-house movement via two of his passions (which also happen to be how he makes money, depending on the season): carpentry when it’s warm and skiing when it’s cold. Building his own tiny house seemed to get him closest to the ideal, often remote skiing conditions he seeks out, while also maintaining a comfortable, affordable, and ongoing living space.
The result is his 112-square-foot cozy “chalet,” which he often shares with his girlfriend Molly, a professional skier. Now, you may not be shacking up with your S.O. in a 112-square-foot chalet anytime soon, but we thought Giffin’s strategies and perspective on living in a small space might be applicable to maximizing your residence in, say, an apartment you wish were a teensy bit larger.
Intrigued by Giffin’s ideas and curious to see his next small-space hack? Keep reading for his tips, and tune in to the new season of Tiny House Nation in January on the fyi network.

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