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Dear, Black Love: How This Couple Continues To “Win Together” After More Than A Decade

"We're married, we're on the same team, so we have to treat each other like teammates," says Houston-based content creator, Brandy Gueary in the latest installment of Unbothered’s popular video and IGTV series, Dear, Black Love. "And arguing over things that don't matter is not how you win, as a team."
Brandy and her husband, Mike Gueary, have been together since middle school. In fact, Brandy was Mike's first date — ever. "I borrowed my mom's car and we went to Chile's," Mike shares, laughing. "Your dad opened the door and he asked me where I was taking you, then he wanted my driver's license, my insurance card, a hair sample, and a urine sample."
All humor side, however, Mike says that, in that moment, he already knew how he felt about Brand: He loved the world she came from — and he wanted to be a part of it. Now, 10 years, two kids, and countless major life pivots later, they're still together, still deeply in love, and still doing their best to support one another like teammates. "The more we communicate, the more we move through life together, the more we feel like, oh, this is what it feels like to win together," says Brandy.
Watch the video above for a more intimate, behind-the-scenes look into that fateful first date at Chile's — and how Brandy and Mike's partnership blossomed thereafter.

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