8 D.C. Fitness Blogs To Help You Keep Your 2014 Resolutions

Even if you have a day off from work, you don't get a free pass to slack off in the exercise department. For those in need of some inspiration to jumpstart your holiday workout — or get back on track with your New Year's resolutions — we've got the best local fitness blogs to pump you up. Read on to learn some first-person tips from the DMV dwellers who know their stuff.
fitslide1Photos: Courtesy of Anacostia Yogi; fANNEtastic Food.

Minutes Per Mile
Minutes Per Mile is chock-full of photos and details of blogger Mary Lambkin’s runs and the tasty, healthy dishes she likes to cook. The idea of logging double-digit miles may sound dreadful to many, but Lambkin’s adorable and upbeat photos and stories make it seem like a breeze. She also has some great tips and links for runners.


D.C. Fit Crasher

If you want to try out a new fitness class but have no idea where to start, check out D.C. Fit Crasher. Blogger Meaghan Stakelin has tried out tons of District workouts and gives a detailed report of each. When you've got a limited workout budget, this is the perfect resource to consult before you pay.

Anacostia Yogi
This SE D.C.-based blog will keep you updated about fitness events while really making you think about your workout experience. Yogi/blogger Sariane Leigh sheds light on issues with posts like "5 Lies of Western Yoga," and reminds us about the importance of loving yourself. If your routine needs a soulful pick-me-up, you'll want to bookmark this one.

District Sweats
District Sweats offers spot-on, detailed "runviews" and recaps of fitness classes in D.C. from blogger Ellen Gilmer. Just take a look at her weekly fitness schedule, and you'll be amazed at how much you can do when you put your mind to it.

fitslide2Photo: Courtesy of D.C. Fit Crasher/Anacostia Yogi.

The Sweet Life With Ericka
Though this blog is technically about author Ericka Andersen's life, wellness and fitness are definitely a big part of it. From tips for becoming a runner to healthy recipes, the content here will provide plenty of inspiration.

fANNEtastic Food
The tag line "come for the recipes, stay for the fun" says it all — this blog is about more than just amazing food. Pairing good running advice with great, healthy dishes, Anne Mauney (a registered dietitian) offers plenty of inspiration to get your New Year's wellness resolutions on track.

Starr Struck
If you're not the running type, check out Mary Catherine Starr's blog, where she mostly writes about yoga and her artwork. She seems to have the whole calm-cool-collected thing down, which we could definitely use some help with right about now.

Mar on the Run
Running playlists, workouts, nutrition, you name it — Mar On The Run is loaded with great tips and fun articles to boost your fitness experience. Though the author focuses on running, her advice is useful for any athlete. And, hey, don't we all need a good pump-me-up playlist?

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