The Best NYC Day Drinking Spots (For When You're Too Tired To Nightclub)

modeled by Kylie Frink; produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez; photographed by Refinery29.
New York is a city that never sleeps, filled with nights that never end. Unfortunately, once aging past our early post-grad years, it turns out most of us actually do need sleep and self-enforced bedtimes for nights on the town. (Mom, you were right: nothing good happens after midnight.) But just because our energy levels may no longer make it past 8 p.m. doesn't mean we have to get off the NYC party train altogether. Instead, this summer, we're going to channel our inner Floridian grandma and make the transition to day drinks, swapping out the nightclub for the surf club.
Day drinking — not to be confused with the more collegiate "darty" (daytime party) — consists of boozy beverages that are consumed during light hours in festive surroundings. With all the warm weekends on the horizon, we've mapped out the top spots in NYC to share cocktails, sunshine, and good times well before our Cinderella-esque, coach-into-a-pumpkin curfews. The ahead spots include, but are not limited to: breezy outdoor oases, floating barges, sailboats, rooftop vineyards, culture-rich museums, and even that aforementioned surf club (DJ still present, for good measure).

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