We Called It: Daphne Guinness For MAC Announced!

Daphne for MAC

Photo: Courtesy of MAC (left); Caro Ramirez (right)

I mean, we hate to say we called it...but we totally called this! You'll remember a little story we did last month about DIY Halloween makeup tips, where we included a spooky-chic look channeling none other than haute heiress Daphne Guinness (along with a look from Black Swan and Nicki Minaj). Well, just last night we received an email from MAC announcing its next celebrity partnership with none other than Guinness herself!
Whether our post inspired this move or not, we'll never be sure, but we can't help but pat our foresight on the back a little bit. The details of the Daphne Guinness for MAC collection? First off, the colors, which were "imagined and created by Daphne," and are said to be a "window into [her] imagination.” They will be available from December 26 through February 9. And, a little bit about the process from Guinness herself: "I was in the Beverly Hills Hotel, and let me tell you there’s always some mad project going on in my bedroom when I’m there. Ha! I had parchment papers spread all over the floor and all sorts of different powders and watercolors that I was mixing together. I was painting for so long on that floor. When the pieces were done, I packed them all in my suitcase to show MAC." Check out the results, in the form of this 21-piece collection full of blush, cream shadows, nail lacquers, and more, below! Who's excited?!Daphne Guinness For MAC
Photo: Courtesy of MAC

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