10 Unbelievably Gorgeous Pics Of Pro Dancers In Their Homes

Picture yourself kicking back at home. Would you describe what you're seeing as "graceful"? Probably not. You might imagine yourself hunched over the stove while scanning a recipe on your iPhone (No, Siri, half a cup!), or curled on up on the couch ready to binge-watch and unwind.
Professional dancers, on the other hand, are a whole different story. Offstage, they still possess a fluidity and composure that puts our sofa-slumping to shame. Thanks to photographer David Perkins' series, Home Stage, we're granted a peek into a world of everyday grace. "What we rarely see are the moments in someone's life that shape them, that make them, even those that relax them," Perkins writes on his site. "This could not be truer than the life of a dancer."
Ahead, the photographer shares his observations with R29, along with images of dancers in a new context — offstage, at home.

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