The One L.A. Piercing Trend We're Still Not Over

Photo: Courtesy of Brian Keith Thompson.
Tracking down the latest beauty trends can sometimes be as easy as scrolling through Instagram. Not only is it the place where we found out that butterfly nail art and long bob haircuts are in, but also that the demand for daith piercings is on the rise — again.
The cartilage piercing at the innermost part of the ear, between the tragus and front helix, has always been a hot spot, but it recently returned to our feeds in a big way. Brian Keith Thompson, celebrity piercer and owner of Body Electric, first informed us of the spike in daith-piercing requests two years ago, and the trend has only gotten bigger in the time since. In addition to recent claims that the piercing can prevent migraines, a stud or hoop through your daith just looks cool, especially when combined with your existing piercings.
Feeling inspired? Ahead, the daith piercings we're loving on Instagram right now.