We Tried 3 Popular Dairy-Free Eggnogs — & Here's This Season's Winner

As far as holiday beverages go, eggnog is a seasonal classic. The drink is usually made by dressing up a dairy base with sugar, whipped egg whites and yolks, spices, and finally a splash of booze. The taste is like crème brûlée. It's an aesthetic, texturally and taste-wise, that we associate with the month of December in sweet liquid form. However, for those of us who don't "do" dairy, for whatever reason, traditional grocery store varieties of eggnog are usually off-limits. But, not anymore! Since trendy milk alternatives have stormed the standard dairy scene, new festive and eggless-nog options have been popping up left and right.
To get a handle on all the alternative holiday nog options out there, we decided to give three popular cartons a try: Trader Joe's, So Delicious, and Califia Farms. Scroll ahead for our almond and coconut-based blind-tasting results — and to figure out exactly which sweet sip you can rely on as a stand-in for the seasonal classic at holiday parties.

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