I Worked Out For A Week Straight & Here Is What Happened

Follow R29's Lucie Fink as she dives headfirst into social experiments — five days at a time.

I’ll just come out and say it: I hate working out. I find the gym incredibly boring, especially when my exercise routine consists of the same three pieces of equipment week after week. In fact, the gym is boring to me even when I have the Hamilton soundtrack blaring in my headphones — and that’s how I know there’s a real motivation issue. While I know exercise is vital to my heart health and overall well-being, I normally struggle to get myself to the gym two times a week. So this week, I pushed myself to work out for five days in a row. But I made one key change: I tried a new routine every day. From an outdoor run to an AntiGravity Yoga class, I went all-in and I sweated it all out. I even learned that I'm capable of doing a split in mid-air. Watch the video above to see my five-day fitness adventure. And if you try exercising for five days in a row, let me know how it makes you feel.

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