Daily Diversion: Cookie Monster's "Om Nom Nom" Twitter

Though you might not have watched Sesame Street since the last time you babysat your two-year-old cousin, you're never too old to appreciate the sage thoughts of Cookie Monster. The "om nom nom" originator, and our newest Twitter obsession has an unnerving ability to say exactly how we feel about our favorite baked treat. We've included a few of our favorites (aka, those with the worst jokes) below. (Sesame Street Twitter)
1. Cookie sitting next to me. How long can me resist? 1 mississippi, 2 mississ- dat enough torture! Om nom nom nom!
2. Today me tried new food: rice cakes. Dis must be cruel joke. Dey taste NOTHING like cake!
3. Me fell asleep eating cookies in bed. Me woke up feeling crummy.
4. Cookie haiku: Cookie, cookie, cook. Cookie, cookie, cookie, cook. Cookie, cookie, cook. (Me love poetry.)
5. Me had philosophical moment: what if there no such thing as cookies? What would dat make me? Dis stuff keep me up at night.

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