Daily Diversion: Buy A Celestrial Soul Portrait Of Yourself

Erial Ali knows what your soul looks like, and for $150, he'll send you a high-res rendering of your very own Celestial Soul Portrait! According to his website,
"Erial has a phone consultation with you or an e-mail conversation where he finds out about [...] how you "see" yourself. [Then] you send Erial [...] an image that you feel is highly representative of "the real you". This will be Erial's "starting point". Erial meditates and "tunes into you", to "get your unique essence". Once Erial really "gets who you are", then, starting from the image you provided, he imaginatively transforms it into a Celestial Soul Portrait of you!"
"Voila!" Get a "rainbow-splattered," Lisa Frank on "crack," portrait that would make "awesome" stationary or a mantelpiece staple. Anyone say, "holiday cards for 2011?" (Urban Outfitters)

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