The $3 Lip Gloss This Influencer Swears By

From Chapstick and perfume to sentimental trinkets, we carry our entire lives in our handbags. In Spill It, our favorite trendsetters show and tell their bare necessities and beauty secrets — both the practical and the personal.
Cydnee Black's 960k YouTube subscribers might initially press play on her videos for her hair and makeup content, but they stay for so much more. Sure, she'll review buzzy foundations or film a drugstore look, but her videos are peppered with personal topics, like her experience having naturally blue eyes as a Black person and the realities of interracial marriage.
Being as forthcoming as she is, we were excited for her to give us an unfiltered look into her purse for our next episode of Spill It. As you might expect, the content creator showed us all (and we mean all) of her everyday essentials, from tampons to her budgeting journal, and, of course, beauty products. From a baby hair brush to lash glue, Black is always a step ahead in her beauty game.
Check it all out in the above video.

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