Wounded? Here Are The Cat-Print & Designer Band-Aids To Heal You

As a famous R.E.M. song goes, "everybody hurts." No matter your age, you're just as susceptible to paper cuts and blisters as that accident-prone kid next door. And, if you happen to be a cat-owner, those little munchkins can raise your risk of injury tenfold.
To deal with these inevitable wounds of love, Japanese brand Nekobu has created a line of bandages inspired by our favorite clawed friends. These adhesives all bear cute illustrations of sassy, unapologetic kittens with their paws raised high. According a translation from Rocket News24, the hilarious words on the designs include “I sharpened my claws,” and "I did this, you got a problem with that?” Sounds just like the kind of feline we know.
The collection is the result of total Internet serendipity: After an illustrated proposal from artist Rinrin Yamano received over 1,000 retweets, the company decided to put the brilliant idea into production. The band-aids will retail for 560 yen ($5.14) and are now available for preorder on the Japanese site.
This awesome collab got us thinking: Are there other fancy plasters we can wear like badges of honor? As usual, the interwebs did not disappoint. Click ahead to see the cat-themed lineup in its full glory — and other fancy styles that landed on our radar.

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