These Personalized Beauty Products Are Game-Changers

The beauty world has a long-held obsession with customization. We buy fragrance layering kits in pursuit of that truly signature scent, craft bespoke palettes suited for our unique skin tones, and cocktail non-traditional hair pairings to achieve an exacting combination. But that's just the beginning.
Thanks to spectro-colorimeter matching technology (pioneered by Sephora a few years ago) and the increasing necessity to stand out in a crowded marketplace, customization has reached new heights. In the past few months alone there have been a handful of breakthrough launches — and we're not just talking $300 color-matching pens.
Having trouble finding a foundation that plays well with your complexion? Just have one made. Want a one-and-done serum to combat all of your specific skin gripes? That's easy. Want to touch up your roots with the exact shade your colorist blends in the salon? Come on, got anything trickier?
Ahead, we round up the latest and greatest in custom beauty offerings, all tested and approved by us. Get ready to feel fancy.

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