Cushnie Et Ochs Fall Backstage Has Us Ruffling Our Feathers

Remember playing the incredibly "cowboys and Indians" as a kid, and always wanting to play the Indian so you could stick a feather in your headband like a bona-fide badass? Well, Cushnie Et Ochs backstage was sort of the same thing, except glamorous, with more cameras flashing than mom's vintage SLR. We fell hard for the liquid metallics, royal blues, and fierce hardware details in this collection, but we really got excited when the stylists got all Native American princess of the future on us and stuck beautiful monochrome feathers in the models' hair. This feature conveyed a deeper bit of story-telling on behalf of the designers, who had based the collection off the idea of a somewhat nomadic journey across the U.S. (though we're not sure we'd be caught road tripping in such epic attire). Whatever the intentions, this final touch blew our minds.
Click through to see our gorgeous backstage snaps of the pre-show madness...

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