These Oils Are What's Missing From Your Curly-Hair Routine

Photographed by Winnie Au.
If your hair is on the curly end of the spectrum, you're probably already privy to the fact that moisture is your best friend. Whether it's in the form of leave-in conditioner or staying away from shampoos with sulfates, the more hydration your tresses can receive, the better.
And, while you'd hope the sebum in your scalp would provide enough moisture, that's just not the case. That's why oils tend to be the easiest (and most natural, and most versatile) product for curly-haired gals.
We enlisted the help of hairstylist Ryan Richman to find out exactly what oils — argan, olive, and the rest of 'em — can do for you. "Hair oils are great for conditioning, repairing damaged hair caused by heat, combating a dry scalp, or adding a bit of shine," Richman says. "But, you may have to experiment with a few before finding the right oil for you." Not everybody's curly needs are the same, after all.
Ahead, we break down the benefits of five of the most popular oils, along with tips on how to use them and which types of coils they're best for.

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