A Bottle Of This Exfoliator Is Sold Every 12 Seconds

Certain beauty products — think NARS Blush in Orgasm or Clinique's Black Honey lipstick — are so good, they're practically famous and have devoted, loyal followings. While we love many of these, we've been wondering why others have been quietly flying under the radar. With that in mind, meet our series, Cult Classics, in which we'll introduce you to the products you should really, truly know about (and try, like, right now). They're not brand-new, but trust us: They've got staying power.
I have a bone to pick with exfoliating products. All the ones I've tried in the past have been either too harsh or not harsh enough. And with the recently passed Microbeads ban, finding one that's both economically friendly and effective for my oily skin has been even more of a struggle. But my true-to-life Goldilocks moment occurred when I came across the wonder that is Cure's Natural Aqua Gel. It neither felt like I was scrubbing off a layer of skin nor like I was simply using a glorified cleanser: It was jusssssst right.

This product is probably old news to those in Asia (it is reportedly Japan's number one exfoliator, after all, with a bottle selling every 12 seconds). But for those of us on the other side (yes, "the other siiide"...sorry) or who are late to the skin care game, this one goes out to you. First, this product is technically a face peel. Wait, a face peel? I thought we were talking about an exfoliator here,Taylor. Well, yes and no. According to Musings of a Muse (a blog that reviews beauty products from Japan and Korea) facial peels can offer a more gentle form of exfoliation than scrubs. This particular high water content product made with rosemary, ginkgo, aloe vera, and glycerin, exfoliates the skin gently without using harsh or grainy ingredients. It's also free of preservatives, fragrance, artificial coloring, and alcohol — which adds to its popularity. That, and how it works.

Another disclaimer:
If you're a beauty person that gets easily skeeved out by things like people squeezing blackheads, or witnessing the skin on your feet peel off right before your eyes, this product probably isn't for you (and you probably don't want to click on those above stories, either). The Natural Aqua Gel works like this: Apply a good amount of the product once or twice a week (I use about four to five pumps) to completely dry skin post-cleanse. Wait a couple of seconds to allow the gel to settle and react with the dead skin cells. The clear formula should slowly start to turn white. Once that happens, begin gently massaging it in a circular motion and prepare to be aghast (in the most satisfying way possible), as tiny balls of supposed dead surface skin start to form. After a thorough rinse, look closely into the mirror and try really hard to recognize the new person with baby soft skin staring back at you.

Natural Aqua Gel, $44, available at Urban Outfitters.

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