The Story Behind This Furniture Line Will Inspire You

Photo: Courtesy of CUCULA.
"Socially conscious" or "eco-friendly" are two labels often smacked onto furniture lines. Whether they truly live up to the moniker once pieces go into production is often questionable. That's why we're impressed with CUCULA, a Berlin-based design and crafts company that was founded to provide jobs to refugees from West Africa. The designs themselves are refreshingly raw, almost rudimentary structures symbolizing the democracy of design: The classic chair is for everyone.  Their new limited edition collection of 50 pinewood chairs also incorporates materials from shipwrecked boats from the Italian island of Lampedusa in the Mediterranean Sea (where the refugees were once stranded). The distressed boards add touches of subtle color and texture. Whether or not they're super comfy we can't say for sure — but they look like they'd be great for posture (and/or trying to stay awake at work).  The new collection is sold out, but you can view it at the Museum der Dinge (Museum of Things) in Berlin, or check out the rest of the pieces online. We hope Brooklyn designers take notice. 

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