15 Cozy Instas That'll Convince You To Make Your Own Sweater

Over the last few years, textile craftsmanship has oh-so-quietly been re-climbing the ladder of hipness. Blame actual hipsters if you want, but it thrills us. Young weavers like Maryanne Moodie are creating intricate, modern decorations and teaching (sold out) classes to a new generation of eager makers. Companies like We Are Knitters and Wool And The Gang are churning out luxe yarns and materials, and a new Kickstarter-funded print magazine about fiber art, Knit Wit, just launched — proving the young textile community is as thick as ever.
So, in honor of fall sweater weather, we rounded up our favorite Instagram accounts that inspire us to lock our doors and pick up a pair of needles ourselves. From bubble gum pink sweaters to fox mittens, they're the projects we're pinning. Trust, it's easier than it looks. Especially when you have a furry pal to unravel the spool for you.
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Photo: Via @knitwitknitwit.
The first project we're making: A pie topped with prosciutto, basil, and olives.
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Photo: Via @knitwitknitwit.
When we get more advanced we'll attempt this delicious, mustard dream.
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Photo: Via @woolandthegang.
So many yarns, so little time.
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Photo: Via @wool_street.
Knitting is a social activity.
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Photo: Via @weareknitters.
Our motto is: The chunkier, the better.
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Photo: Via @knitwitknitwit.
Proof that knitted booties aren't just for babies.
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What did one fox mitt say to the other?
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Photo: Via @weareknitters.
We wonder what size needles it took to make this bubble gum pink creation.
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Photo: Via @play_wool.
Again, bigger is better.
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Photo: Via @woolandthegang.
Someday, we'll be able to do pink cheetah spots.
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Photo: Via @knotsandknits.
A knitted bag is a refreshing accessory option.
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Photo: Via @knitables.
October skein perfection.
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Photo: Via @elkco.
This writer recommends a cozy, circular scarf as a first project.
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So many stitch possibilities.
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Photo: Via @woolandthegang.
So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a class.

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