Denise Vs. Clair: It’s A Huxtable Fashion-Off!

Two (amazing) blogs recently sprung up dedicated to two of our favorite '80s fashion heroes: Mama Clair Huxtable and her daughter, Denise Huxtable. Seriously, we thought we were smart layerers, but a look back at some of The Cosby Show actresses' more creative moments puts our own techniques to shame.
Clair had the Working Girl thing down pat, with silk jumpsuits, patterned caftans, and sleek pencil skirts (though she always managed to surprise us with the errant drop-crotch overall or windbreaker!). Denise, on the other hand, always looked much cooler than all the girls at our high school, and we still find ourselves looking through her outfits for inspiration (and hairspiration). Check out our slideshow of images from Clair's Closet and Denise Huxtables to match 'em up, fashionably-coiffed head to toe. You tell us — who did it better?

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