Follow the Gaga: Corset Sales Have Gone Up, Retailers Blame Pop Stars

The corset has inserted itself in the fashion lexicon as one of the hardest and most painful-to-wear pieces. But, due to the audacious style of Rihanna and Lady Gaga and their immense powers of sartorial persuasion, the bone-crusher is making a killing overseas at department stores in England. According to WWD, soon after Rihanna rocked a full-body corset, British women raided stores for similar looks (sales of luxury corsets have gone up 70% at Selfridges) and designers are pushing for more of the rib crushers. We're still recovering from the touchdown of Gaga's pant-less trend, and we have to admit that we'd rather shimmy our way into a corset than leave the house without our bottoms. But despite our own proclivities, this is still evidence of an emerging collective mindset: If the pop-star gals can rock them, then why can't we all? Expect to see exoskeleton shoes, lace bodysuits, and shoulders equipped with a full range of cutlery standing in line at the grocery store very soon. We give it a year. (WWD)

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