8 Amazing Employee Perks That Will Make You Want To Go To Work

photographed by Jessica Nash; appearance by Megan McIntyre.
In addition to more traditional work benefits — such as paid vacation, health care, sick leave, and retirement options — today's workers increasingly look at workplace culture and perks when considering a job.
Whether it's in-office nap pods, dog-friendly offices, or on-site spa treatments, company culture is an important factor in attracting and retaining employees. And, while perks alone aren't enough to make or break a job, for many people these added perks are holding more weight when it comes to looking for and eventually choosing a job. In fact, a new study found 'employee-friendly culture' has a positive impact on both employees and the companies that offer them.
As more companies incorporate creative and unique perks that showcase their values and uplift their employees, the bar is continuously moved for what it takes to attract and retain talent — and keep employees feeling happy and respected.
Ahead are eight awesome workplace perks, and the companies where you can find them.

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