5 Ways To Wear A Hoodie Every. Single. Day.

When you think “hoodie," words like “gym class” or “sweat” (duh, it is a sweatshirt) might come to mind. But hold your horses connotations. In the blink of an eye, the hooded sweatshirt transitioned from our gym-class topper (and cozy friend) to a viable fashion staple. What a treat. Now, you can seriously swap out some of your more uncomfortable tops for a hoodie, all while adding a big, fat +1 to your look.

But, for real, hold those horses. Just because the hooded sweatshirt is back and better than ever doesn't mean we quite know how to style it into our repertoire. So, in the slideshow ahead, peep five different types of hoodies and just how to style those bad boys. Click through and embrace the cozier lifestyle. We know we will!

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