25 BOLD Ways To Do Color In Your Apartment

Photo: Via @em_henderson.
Who's afraid of big, bad color? We are. But, what's even more frightening? A bad case of SAD. Yes, cabin fever is a real thing (especially after a snow day like yesterday on the East Coast), and we're already ready to combat it — with 25 of our favorite rainbow interior Instas. 

Some are subtle, others are in-your-face bright, but they all prove one thing: Sophisticated and fun can live together like two little lovebirds on an apartment sofa. Whether you're dreaming of some zing for your kitchen or pop for your bedspread, look away from the dreary, white-covered windows and into some spaces that will make you smile and be brave. 
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Never have neon yellow and royal purple been in such a loving relationship.
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Photo: Via @poppytalk.
How many blue things are in this photo? Eleven, if you count the trim. It totally works.
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Photo: Via @onekingslane
Three purple prints are better than four.
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Photo: Via @aelfie_.
Paint your wall in an accent color, like the one in this Aelfie rug.
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Photo: Via @pieraluisa.
Balanced blue feelings in our creative director, Piera's, pad.
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Photo: Via @my_ideal_design.
The tiny yellow couch and hot-pink squares are playing coy, but they really like each other.
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Photo: Via @leifshop.
Pastels are a family affair.
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Photo: Via @sweeten_home.
Lime green is all grown up and wants dental benefits.
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Photo: Via @cacahuete_sr.
Dreaming of a world of color.
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Photo: Via @poppytalk.
What sofa?
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Photo: Via @em_henderson.
Thank you, Emily Henderson, for this standout fireplace paint job.
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Photo: Via @aelfie_.
"Orange and teal snuggle times" is going to be the title of our memoirs.
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Photo: Via @ohhappyday.
Subtle, cool, and gradient color lookin' fine.
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Photo: Via @sfgirlbybay.
A little nod to the outside (but this could also work on a staircase inside).
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Photo: Via @schoolhouse.
Orange and yellow balance well with a darker-hued pillow.
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Photo: Via @krisatomic.
This room needs a blonde, STAT.
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Photo: Via @marshagolemac.
The Great Wall of China.
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Photo: Via @designlovefest.
Bringing pink notions to the table.
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A color sandwich we haven't seen much of. And, it looks delicious.
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Photo: Via @theeverygirl_.
A slim side table plays quiet backup to this Kelly-green statement.
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Photo: Via @thebezar.
The teal oar and red table are in the same clique.
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Photo: Via @karenkimmel.
A kaleidoscope giving life to your soul.
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Photo: Via @emily_katz.
Sometimes, it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.
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Photo: Via @ohhappyday.
Thanks, Smeg, now we're hungry.
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Photo: Via @chelseapetaja.
Yellow will be your guiding light.

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