Hell Yes! The iPhone Is (Maybe) Getting A Colorful Makeover

It was just yesterday we were riding high from the news that Apple’s much-hyped iWatch would debut this year (fingers tightly crossed). And it must really be our week, because another juicy tidbit just rolled in and we are flipping out once again.
Currently, we don't exactly have a multitude of iPhone colors to select from, right? It's black or white, which is a shame considering Apple used to have the color wheel covered. Let's not forget those candy-colored G3 desktops...which are now primarily used as aquariums (Sad Mac face).

Well, according to
Fast Company
, what's old might be new again, since rumors are once again swirling around a new less expensive iPhone in an array of hues — perhaps paying homage to the eye-popping iPod. Remember those days? An Apple insider is seriously hinting at this new wallet-friendly option and the iPhone5S launching in the near future. Double whammy — here’s to hoping! (Fast Company)

Photo: Via Fast Company