Cole Cycles, Talley Teams With Tyra, and Shopping LiLo's Closet

"Wait, what? Your cousin is Joseph Altuzarra?" And thus began another of Garance Doré's fabulous adventures. (Garance Doré)
Is the Tokujin Yoshioka window display at the Tokyo Hermès store magic, or just a lot of precisely targeted and timed hot air? (The Frisky)
Now with you can shop right out of the closets of the Lohans (Lindsay included)! It's like a dream come true. A sweaty, nervous dream. (Jezebel)
Did you know that most women eat about seven pounds of lipstick over a lifetime? Wanna watch? (The Cut)
Are you ready for the return of the monocle? (LAT)
Nylon gets an exclusive sneak-peek at cutesy-poo Olsen streetwear line Olsenboye. (Nylon)
Antonio Beradis refuses to collaborate with Lady Gaga on the grounds that her music is "meaningless," opts to create sparkling evening dresses for Leonard Cohen instead. (My Fashion Life)
ALT to judge on ANTM—OMG! (The Cut)
Introducing The Necky, "the Snuggie for your neck." Bet your scarf didn't come with a key-chain light and lock de-icer. (Gizmodo)
Turns out men prefer women with relatively normal or short legs, like Marilyn Monroe or Strawberry Shortcake. (Shine)
Lily Cole fears only one thing—bike rape at the Cambridge train station. (Interview)
"If she's this good of a writer at 13, I look forward to reading her in the future. If she isn't, the truth will out. And if she is, part of me hopes she'll aim high. I'm sure her style and thoughts would work wonders at CERN. In another ten years or so."—Anne Slowey on the supposed "Tavi backlash." (Elle)

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