Designers Coco and Breezy On The Clubby Origins Of Their First Big Break

Corianna "Coco" and Brianna "Breezy" Dotson, Eyewear Designers, Coco & Breezy
Even in a darkened club, it's hard to miss the striking, stylish 22-year-old twins from Apple Valley, MN, Coco and Breezy. Their careers are just as stunning. In three years, they've gone from NYC newbies to star eyewear designers, supplying shades for Kelly Osbourne, Nicki Minaj, Pharrell Williams, and many others. "Always the first people on the dance floor," the duo opened up about their early adventures in local nightlife, the essentials for a great night out, and their cocktails of choice. Read on, party people.
Tell us about your early New York-nightlife history.
Breezy: "When we first came to NYC, our friend Ugo Mozie set up a 19th birthday party for us. After that, we hit up all the hottest clubs, parties, and events and met tons of great people. Actually, the first week after we moved here, we met a stylist who contracted us to make custom sunglasses for Ashanti to wear to the VH1 Hip Hop Honors!"
Coco: "Yeah, it's kind of crazy, because now we don't really have much of a nightlife. We've been too busy with work!"
Okay, when you do have the time to hit the clubs, what are your night-out essentials?
Coco: "We just can't step out without our matte-red Nars lipstick pencils and our Coco & Breezy sunglasses. Also, we love wearing all black and throwing on a few pops of color with our sunglasses, makeup, and accessories. We always say, 'our eyewear is the outfit, clothing is the accessory.'"
Breezy: "Actually, we never used to leave the house without wearing our sunglasses — we were super shy. Also, we only wear comfortable heels. The after-the-club-my-feet-hurt walk is not cute."
What's the most epic party you’ve been to, ever?"
Coco: "GHE20G0TH1K! We were there last night! The crowd was a mix of every type of person you can imagine, just vibing out and listening to the amazing DJs spin."
And what are your favorite cocktails when you're out and about?
Coco: "I'm a huge fan of fizzy drinks, but not into cocktails that have too much going on — if you know what I mean. This Sparking Spiced with Malibu Island Spiced is one of my go-tos for an NYC night rooftop-party situation."
Breezy: "The Malibu Coconut Spiced is breezy, but with a bit of spice — like me! I can imagine myself kicking back with this on a beach."

Styled by Lauren Edelstein; Hair and Makeup by Bethany Brill.

Coco: Thrifted top; Mali Ro skirt; Noir Chindarkar Earrings, $275, available at Noir. Breezy: Mali Ro top; Mind Code skirt; H&M pants and earrings.

Photographed at Apothéke, 9 Doyers Street; 212-406-0400. Advertisement

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