10 Easy Tricks Every Clean Person Swears By

Cleaning. It’s not exactly our top pick for how we like to spend our free time, but hey, it has to get done. And, no matter how much of a pro you consider yourself, we bet there are some items sitting in your apartment right now that have never even been touched — let alone tidied up.
Seriously, how exactly do you even clean a mattress? Or get red wine out of a rug? Or rid your microwave of the perma-gunk lining its interior? Well, in the spirit of getting our places sparkling clean for the summer months ahead, we’ve tapped expert Carolyn Childers over at Handy to give us the lowdown on everything from how to get to those annoying, hard-to-reach corners to more obvious things like getting stainless-steel appliances squeaky clean. Ahead are 10 cleaning hacks you need to know, because, well, Windex doesn't work on everything.
This month, we're asking you to toss out everything you thought you knew about spring cleaning and give every corner of your life a refresh. The inspiration for a happier, clutter-free you is right this way.

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