Meet Synth Producer Chrome Sparks Before He Takes Over Coachella

chrome-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Chrome Sparks.
With festival season approaching and artists embarking on tours that will take them through the summer and beyond, we thought it would be fun to play a round of a classic road-trip game with some of our favorite musicians. This is 20 Questions, Festival Tracker style.
For this installment of 20 Questions, we talk to Chrome Sparks (a.k.a. Jeremy Malvin) — a Coachella performer you might mistakenly gloss over if you didn't know any better. But, don't. This rising star's tracks are some of the most arresting in the business. Hypnotic beats bubble and swirl, tempo changes abound, and songs range from Boards of Canada-esque soundscapes to blissed-out pop. Get to know him a little better below and don't miss him on Coachella's Do LaB.

Go-to fast food on tour:
"Free Taco Bell. (Thank you, SXSW.)"

Favorite karaoke song:
"Prince - 'I Would Die 4 U' (Protip: Scream the 'PYEWWWs')."

Worst on-tour sleep situation:
"Sleeping in all my clothes on the floor in a cold apartment."

Go-to outfit for the stage:
"Blue-and-white striped J.Crew longsleeve because it makes me feel sexy. Black jeans because they hide the inevitable tour stains."

Best random on-the-road purchase:
"Craigslist Omnichord. I don't remember where."

Favorite phone game:
"Airpoker Lite. Bluetooth poker with your homies — copped that idea from STRFKR."

Energy drink of choice:
"Coffee. I do not f*ck with energy drinks."

Best set you've seen lately:
"HITS at Glasslands in Brooklyn."

Favorite album for a long drive:
"Caribou, Swim."

The thing you're most looking forward to at Coachella:
"Seeing my grandparents who live nearby."

Read on for the rest of the interview and a taste of the Chrome Sparks sound.

Most important item to pack before going on tour (besides instruments):
"Yoga mat."

Best gift from a fan:
"True friendship."

Most days without showering:


Most memorable past festival experience.
"I've only been to one. Lolla '12. It was the first time seeing my favorite band at the time, Dirty Projectors. That shook me."

Favorite road-trip game:
"Ghost, a spelling game in which everyone takes turn saying letters, spelling out words, but whoever finishes a word loses. It's more fun than it sounds."


One thing you miss most about being home:
"My Moog. My studio. I'm a studio boy."

Fantasy musician you'd open for (dead or alive):
"Blue Man Group. Dead preferably."

Favorite on-the-road tradition:

Least favorite place to drive through:
"The Midwest."

If you had to pick a different band name, what would it be:
Malvin and the Chipmunks.

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