Meet Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s New Fluffball Of A Kitty

Karl Lagerfeld shared a photo of his new kitty with V Magazine this Sunday, a squiggity, fluffy ball of a thing that's a tad bigger than the stick of deodorant it's sitting next to. Choupette is a pet name in French (ha!), and also the name of that Volkswagon beetle from The Love Bug (the French version of Herbie).
In the photo, Choupette sits perched on the edge of a big vat of water, which could either be the sink or the tub, depending on just how small Choupette really is — and how big Karl's bathroom fixtures are — and if Karl is that type of pet owner who takes baths with his cats. Anyway, this is the most squee-worthy thing Karl's given to the world since those lightbulb heels, and that's saying something. (V Magazine via Stylecaster)

Photo: Via V Magazine


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