10 Forgotten Gems That Only ’90s Kids Will Remember

If there’s such thing as paradise, our '90s bedrooms were it. The late nights spent prank calling on our see-through phones, slumber parties with endless rounds of Dream Phone, and, of course, watching Snick on our inflatable sofas. We could’ve holed up there for days, if only our parents would’ve let us.
Well, we’ve rounded up 10 items that will take you down memory lane and straight back into your whimsical digs of yesteryear. From glow-in-dark stars (which we kind of want for our current homes, to be honest) to a Simpsons Chia Pet, these items are all that and a bag of chips — and you might just want to scoop them up now (you know, for old times’ sake). Take a look ahead and let’s relive '90s decor all over again.

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