Chelsea Clinton Wedding Round-up: Everything You Need To Know And Way Too Much More

Chelsea Clinton got married! Oh, you've heard? Since everyone has been posting the same eight photos and three quotes from the Chelsea Clinton wedding, we've done a little digging for the stories that bring something new to the table. Below, a complete guide to everything you need to know about the ceremony, from what was in the gift bag, to which other weddings felt non-special in comparison.
WWD captures Chelsea Clinton's Vera Wang wedding dress from sketch to "I do." (WWD)
No pantsuits for Hillary! The former first lady dons a caftan glam enough for Andre Leon Talley. (People)
US Weekly chronicles how the two kids met at a 1993 Democratic political retreat in Hilton Head, South Carolina and fell in love. Romantical! (Us)
Someone took a long time dissecting the Leo Marks poem that was read aloud during the ceremony. (Forbes)
Don't like to read? NPR reposted their radio report of the wedding. (NPR)
They also spent a whole lotta money on frou-frou porta-potties. (Refinery29)
Bryan Rafanelli, Chelsea's wedding planner, likes to talk a lot about things like chocolate-chip cookies and straw baskets. (Vanity Fair)
What else was chatty? Chelsea's dress, apparently. Reports the NYT, "Clinton's gown spoke beyond the silence." (NYT)
TMZ got a hold of the contents of inside the wedding gift bags, including Clinton-flavored wine, peaches, Sugar lip balm, and a pencil made of a stick. (TMZ)
Neighbors all received bottles of Clinton Vineyard wine and a sticker apologizing for the inconvenience. (AOL)
People in Rhineback go nuts! Also, they put on raccoon wedding costumes, so they might actually be a little nuts, too. (Jezebel)
What you would have seen at the wedding if you were a bird, or a 100 foot-tall person. (Styleite)
And, of course—Chelsea Clinton wasn't the only one getting married yesterday. Lisa Simpson, she of cartoon-fame, got hitched yesterday, too. (Jezebel)
Oh yeah. And Alicia Keys. (Contact Music)

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