10 Expensive-Looking Rugs You'll Never Guess Are From Ikea

Photo: Courtesy of Ikea
There's not one room in my apartment that doesn't have an Ikea product, but of all the homeware steals available from the Swedish furniture retailer, the rugs and carpets section is by far my favorite. These textiles don't usually come cheap, so any basic option that doesn't take a huge toll on our decorating budget is a great buy in our book — and Ikea's floor covering designs, while reasonably-priced, are anything but boring.
Depending on your needs, the megastore is a trusty resource for both low-pile and high-pile rugs: High-pile rugs are of the looser, fluffier variety that provides a lot of warmth, while low-pile rugs have a smoother surface that makes cleaning and maintenance easier. We've plucked our favorite Ikea rugs in every shape, material, and pattern. Click through for 10 picks that look like they could be a four-digit splurge from a fancy design store, but are actually much more affordable than you think.

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