These Dollar-Store DIY Projects Are Absolutely Brilliant

We love DIY projects as much as the next person, but creating something from scratch doesn't always come cheap. It's easy to get carried away by the promise of Pinterest tutorials. Before you know it, you end up with a load of pricey materials — from fancy ribbons to complicated tools — you don't have a second use for.
But, taking on a new crafting project doesn't always have to be expensive. Bea Copeland, our video host and resident DIY guru, has come up with three genius home hacks using products you can find from any dollar store. Read on to find out how to fashion your own pencil holder, turn a trash can into a side table, and upgrade your tea set — all for less than $30.
DIY #1: Pencil Holder
What You Need
1 can ($2.99)
colored pencils ($3.99)
1 hot glue gun
razor blade
screw driver
Grab a can and take off the label — it doesn’t really matter what kind of can you use.
Use a razor blade to take off excess glue, so the surface of the can is clean. Once the can is empty, use a screwdriver to smooth any sharp edges.
Arrange the pencils in the order you'd like to see them on the can. Try setting them up in ombre order so there’s no guesswork.
One by one, hot glue the pencils to the can. Sit the can upright every so often to make sure all the pencils are level.
DIY #2: Side Table
What You Need
1 trash can ($5.99)
1 coil of rope ($9.99)
1 hot glue gun
You can choose any kind of rope, but a natural fiber one gives great texture.
Start with the rope at the base of the can and just start gluing it down.
Make sure you keep the rope taught the whole way so you don’t get any gaps. Keep on gluing until you reach the top.
When you get to the top, keep gluing. As you reach the middle of the flat surface, trim off the excess rope but leave yourself a little tail that you can fit perfectly in the hole.
Et voilà! You got yourself a table for less than 15 bucks.
DIY #3: Teacup and Saucer
What You Need
1 set of alcohol ink ($9.97)
rubbing alcohol ($5.40)
sealant ($5.62)
teacup and saucer ($3.99)
1 plastic straw
Using a clean paintbrush apply rubbing alcohol on the clean tea cup. The alcohol should go on where you want to add color.
Applying the alcohol ink to the cup. You can choose to add the color straight from the bottle, or use a paintbrush if you want more control of the design. It’s important to work quickly because the alcohol will start to dry.
Take your straw and begin to blow the ink dry — This creates a really cool watercolor effect.
Once you’re happy with your design, leave it dry for three hours. Lock the colors in by applying dishwasher-safe sealant with a brush.

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