I Tried 4 Cheap Alcohol Hacks To See If They Actually Work

Alcohol is an "adulting" expense — and not one that we can always afford to totally splurge on. So when budgets are tight, what do we do? Buy the cheap stuff. Maybe you happen to be one of the lucky ones who's found some of "the cheap stuff" out there that's actually enjoyable (read: palatable) to sip on. But if you aren't, then we may just have a few tricks up our sleeves to remedy this drinking dilemma! So you can save any extra cash for that summer vacation you've been dreaming about.
Here's the solution: Make low-quality alcohol taste like the big bucks-stuff. From liquor to wine, we set out to test four popular methods for enhancing the flavor and overall feel of bottom of the barrel booze. Click through to find out which methods successfully masked the cheap flavor and which turned out to be more of a mess.

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