The 10 Most Beautiful Acai Bowls On Instagram, Plus An Easy Recipe

Photo: Courtesy of Two Hands.
Typing in #acaibowls on Instagram conjures up tropical images of hollowed out coconuts filled with creamy smoothie blends and an array of colorful toppings. And as much as we love to ogle these lovely snapshots (some verge on actual art), recreating one of the masterpieces at home feels like another story completely. Because how exactly does one prepare acai? We already have trouble pronouncing the food term, let alone whipping up a bowl from scratch.
In order to actually attempt making a trendy smoothie bowl for ourselves, we turned to the pros from NYC's Aussie-inspired restaurant and cafe, Two Hands for some help. The chefs shared their go-to (and simple to assemble at home) recipe, which is also easy to customize. Use their base and then feel free to get creative or keep things simple when it comes to toppings. Once you've mastered the Two Hands take, you're going to want some extra acai inspiration for your own social media post. Take a look below at some of the prettiest acai bowls on Instagram to help with those important styling decisions.
Two Hands' Acai Bowl
Created by Giles Russell and Henry Roberts
Base Ingredients
1 frozen banana (chopped into inch-long pieces)
1 large handful of frozen blueberries
6 oz. of almond milk
1 tbsp Acai powder
1 tsp cacao powder
Desiccated coconut
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Cacao nibs
Handful of fresh blueberries and raspberries
1. Start by adding the frozen blueberries, acai powder, cacao powder and almond milk into a blender and blend until smooth.
2. Add one banana piece at a time and use your blender tamper/stick to force the mixture around the blender as it thickens. After all bananas are blended it should be smooth but with a thick consistency.
3. Remove mix from blender into bowl, sprinkle desired toppings (the ones listed above, as all great superfoods with amazing health benefits).
Instagram Acia Bowl Inspo:

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