Genius! Chanel Uses Sign Language To Sell Nail Polish

From daintily holding dewey roses to pretending to play the violin, hand modeling can be awkward to say the least. But leave it to Chanel to find a chic and innovative way to show off their new nail polish colors. Teaming up with filmmaker Ruth Hogben (who's previously worked with Louis Vuitton and Gareth Pugh), Chanel's creative director for makeup, Peter Philips, created a video for T magazine that's both inspired and beautiful. In it, Dutch model Saskia De Brauw uses sign language to communicate some of Coco Chanel's favorite quotes, all the while drawing attention to her nails, polished with the brand's newest lacquers. Not only are we impressed by how much can be communicated without inflection of the spoken word, but also (of course) with the colors themselves. Check out the video and let us know what you think: Do you prefer this artistic interpretation or should we stick with pictures of paws on products? (T Mag)
Photo: Courtesy of Goodman Media

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