CFDA Lushes Deliver on Promise of Beer Bongs and Pizza: The Shipley & Halmos/Vena Cava Afterparty

As we showed you earlier this Fashion Week, the boys and girls at Shipley & Halmos and Vena Cava offered what was, without a doubt, the most tantalizing of all afterparty invites we have received this season. Pizza? Beer bongs? We are so there—and, indeed, we were. Atop the MINI Rooftop out in the hinterlands of the West Side, Lisa Mayock, Sophie Buhai, Sam Shipley, and Jeff Halmos greeted guests with swing music, slices and, yes, beer bongs filled with Blue Moon. The designers tried their hand at the old frat-house staple, as did our Style Editor, Piera "Fashion Twin" Gelardi, who was a newcomer to the phenomenon (hard to believe, but true). Kiki Dunst, Steven Alan, and innumerable stylists, journos, friends, and fans enjoyed the bash which, thanks to the blistering schedule of the week, was a lovably drowsy affair. Really, there's few better ways to finish off a Sunday night than at the end of a tube filled with ale.

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