Stop Everything & Check Out Selena Gomez With A Pixie Cut

Update: Okay, so Selena Gomez didn't actually chop her hair into a pixie (April Fools'!). But, we thought it'd be fun to imagine a world in which she — and our other favorite long-haired celebs — took the plunge. Check out the transformations ahead, and let us know your favorites in the comments below.
This story was originally published on August 26, 2015.
Hollywood has the tendency to — how do we put this? — completely freak out when a celebrity cuts her hair into a pixie. Gossip columnists love to use words like “brave” and “risked” when talking about the first time an actress steps out with a shorter 'do. (After confirming whether or not it’s for a role, of course.) But taking a pair of shears to long hair isn’t scary — it’s liberating. So, we went ahead and imagined a world where even the women most known for their long hair — Gisele, Jennifer, Sofia — went ahead and made the chop. The results are strong, sexy, and feminine. And guess what? Everyone survived.

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