The Celebrity Hair Hall Of Fame

They say that variety is the spice of life, but don't tell that to these famous manes. When it comes to consistency, these 10 coiffs have even helped define their celebrity. You know you've made it when your hair is as famous as you, yourself. You know you've really made it when some witty, Internet-savvy person creates a Twitter account after your 'do. But, you know you've really, really made it when your hair becomes GIF'd.
And, that's just what we've done. We GIF'd the 10 most iconic hairstyles that are extensions of a celeb's persona rather than pretty strands of color on their head. If hair could talk, these would surely have a thing or two to say. Hair, however, doesn't (although the Haus of Gaga is likely developing a talking wig as we speak); so, we animated it. There's just nothing better than an infinite loop of famous hair moves — well, unless you've your got own claim to mane fame because that's pretty cool, too.
BeyonceIllustrated By Nous Vous.

Beyoncé's Wind-Machine Affaire

Some people dream that their theme song plays, a light magically shines on them, and a brisk breeze shows off their well-groomed tresses whenever they enter a room. Some people's dream, however, is Beyoncé's reality. You'd be hard-pressed (weave pun intended) to find a live performance or music video where the queen's majestic mane isn't billowing in the wind. Heck, not even a feisty fan snatching her waves could slow Bey down. The wind is an extension of herself. She paints with all the colors of it. It's her medium, and we are eternally in its debt.

LadyGagaIllustrated By Nous Vous.

Lady Gaga's Wig-Flux

As laid bare in her 2013 VMA performance and iTunes Music Festival show, the “practice of being Gaga” means wigs on wigs on wigs. Her hair has more moods than a “Today I Feel…” magnet, and we love her for that. Though, it must be exhausting, no? Let’s hope her real hair gets a vacation once in a while; them strands gotta breathe.

Cher-1Illustrated By Nous Vous.

Cher's Shady Side-Flip

Dorian Corey taught us all that shade is the art of spitting the truth without actually spitting the truth. It can be done with a look, a side-eye, a casual dismissal, or a hair flip. Cher's mastered the art of the latter. Her long, pin-straight hair of the '60s was made for tossing back and forth as a means of making her point known. It's a refined skill, and one that, unlike Maybelline, you're likely born with.

LordeIllustrated By Nous Vous.

Lorde's Mane Tame

Lorde is the culture and lifestyle enthusiast's dream. She's got the pipes, the lyrical talent, the made-for-alt-blog look, and the hair of beauty editor's (and John Frieda's Anti-Frizz Serum's) dreams: big, curly, long, and controlled. It may seem like it takes an army to keep that mane in check, but all it needs is a little poof. Boop! Done.

IggyIllustrated By Nous Vous.

Iggy Azalea's Ponytail Tug

Azalea's platinum hair is a work of follicle art. It's shiny, smooth, and, given enough momentum and the right products, could lift her off the ground if she spun it around enough. She does this thing with her ponytail, though, that's both powerful and side-eye inducing. Azalea will, out of no where, go rogue with her hair, grab it by the end, tug it up, and pose. It's like Beyoncé's hands-on-the-hips power pose, only with the added intimidation of hair. It screams "Don't mess" without, you know, actually screaming.

BanksIllustrated By Nous Vous.

Azealia Banks' Weave Whip

Pop's other Azealia (note: different spellings) also has a trademark hair move. This one, however, has a penchant for mermaid-weaves, which, despite their apparent weight, can be flung around like a rag doll. It's a magical triumph over physics and the laws of gravity. Perhaps if she whips her hair around enough, that album will eventually surface.

KristenWiigIllustrated By Nous Vous.

Kristen Wiig's "Penelope"

It's nearly impossible to separate Wiig's character from her nervous hair twist. Sure, it's damaging to her hair, but hey, a vice is a vice. If hair were an instrument and fingers acted like a bow, Wiig's brunette waves would certainly resonate at the same pitch as her voice.

RPatzKstew-1Illustrated By Nous Vous.

RPattz & KStew's Tortured Artist Tug

Pretty hurts, y'all. Pretty hurts.

BlakeIllustrated By Nous Vous.

Blake Lively's Stylist-Free Goddess Hair

If given the opportunity to snatch a celebrity's hair for a custom wig, we'd put all our savings into Blake Lively's. In fact, we'd put some of that money toward commissioning her to pen a tell-all how-to book for hair because that gal's 'do is the definition of "I woke up like this." It's effortlessly wavy, enviously lush, and all-around angelic without even using a stylist. Bey might have a wind machine, but, if we're going to be real here, the wind was made for Blake's au naturel mane. Dare we go as far as saying she was born with beach-y waves? Oh yes, yes we do.

HarryStyles-1Illustrated By Nous Vous.

Harry Styles' Hair Is Full O' Secrets

There are so many secrets hiding beneath the gel helmet Styles has on him at all times that even he probably doesn't know what's going on up there. What kind of secrets, you ask? Let's see: past flings, how to join the Illuminati, Mick Jagger's swag, a unicorn, a fall/winter 2017 Burberry jacket, and whatever Pandora couldn't fit in her own box. Alright, we kid, we kid, but seriously, why else would it be so big?

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