Concrete (Well, Sorta) Proof We’re Never Too Old For Cartoons

Some people find inspiration in art, icons, and history. Others find it on Saturday morning plopped in front of the TV with a bowl full of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. No judgement here: we likely fall into both categories, and so do the cosmetic companies we trust.
In a recent compilation of all the illustrated characters that have inspired makeup collabs, Vogue Italia got us thinking about these fictitious characters and their effect on the beauty biz. Miss Piggy, Hello Kitty, Barbie — the OG style stars of our childhood — are just a few of the cartoon characters whose faces have showed up on our eye liners and shadow palettes over the past few years, even if just for a limited time. It also seems that MAC is the biggest fans of our childhood heroes, dedicating collections to Miss Piggy, Disney villains, and Wonder Woman.
Sure, we may be, like, grown up and whatever, but we (thankfully) haven't yet grown out of the thrill of our Saturday-morning favorites. Skip over to Vogue IT to visit even more old friends, now in powder and lipstick form. (Vogue Italia)

Photo: Via Vogue Italia

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