We Love Cartier's New LOVE Collection

How far would you go for LOVE? That's the tag-line of Cartier's LOVE collection, and to answer the question, we'd go pretty damn far. We first got a peep of the new line at an intimate dinner at one of NYC's most buzzed about restos, The Lion, and let's just say there was sexual chemistry. A lot. We've always coveted the bracelet, which your lover (ha!) can lock in place and wear the key, so we're pretty amped that the range on tap keeps growing and growing. The iconic screw continues through each offering, whether they be silver rings with multi-colored gems, ceramic black cuffs with diamonds, or chains with interlocking circlets. Pierre Rainero, the brand's charming Image, Style and Heritage Director, flew in from Paris to tell us a bit more about the shimmering jewels, explaining that the pieces possess "ageless modernity;" they're "the keys to our dreams." We know we're counting our chickens before they hatch, but we're dreaming about everything....now we just need a man for the holidays. Too bad Pierre's taken!
Cartier dinner photos via Julie Skarratt.

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