This New Cell Phone Photo Book Is Raunchy, Rude, And Real

For most, a cell phone pic is usually comprised of what you ate for breakfast, what you wore to work, or, at best, a funny subway sign. But for innovative photographer Carter Smith, it's pictures of bulldogs licking a pregnant belly, love notes written on palms, and raunchy snaps of his (sometimes famous) sexploits. And, given that the pictures (compiled for his new Drago hard-cover, Phonebook) were not planned, designed, or edited, his sex, drugs, and rock and roll lifestyle will make your eggs benedict look even lamer. True, this type of guerilla photography may not take the finness of say, a highly produced glossy mag cover, but together the photos lend an inside look into the artist himself. Indeed, each snap is accompanied by a series of texts Smith sent and received that focus the lens as much on his own personal life and mindset as they do on the external subject. Of course you know that with a project this gritty and New York-centric, we needed an exclusive. So, we got Carter to swing by and take a pic of us at our desk, and, while being included in his next book may mean some questionable press, we really couldn't care less.
What do you think— is his work high-brow or low art? Flip through to see some of Carter's work as well as the exclusive photos from the R29 office.
Photos: Courtesy of Carter Smith

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