Meet 10 Industry Disruptors Paving The Way For Future Businesswomen

If the past few months have been any indication of what the future holds, 2018 is shaping up to be a big year for women in the workplace. As long-overdue social movements rippled through the nation, an unshakable reckoning has taken hold, inciting hope and awakening change on both the individual and societal level. When faced head-on with gender bias, wage discrimination, and blatant disrespect in the workplace, women (who, BTW, make up 47% of the country's labor force) as well as mission-driven brands — like European Wax Center and its Ax The Pink Tax campaign* — are speaking out as a unified force to say enough is enough. And for possibly the first time ever, we're really being heard.
Feeling inspired by the current climate of change, we spoke to 10 industry-disrupting women about their triumphs, aspirations, and motivations — as well as a few of the challenges they've faced (and stared down with steely reserve) along the way. Ahead, get a peek at how these CEOs, founders, trailblazers, and advocates continue to pave the way for women of every professional pursuit to feel and claim their power.
*This post is in partnership with European Wax Center's Ax The Pink Tax campaign, which aims to shed light on the unreasonably high prices charged for female products — ultimately causing the average U.S. woman to spend an extra $1,351 of her hard-earned salary a year. Find out how you can get involved and spread awareness here.

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