Your 2024 Career Horoscope Is Here & The Ladder Is Yours To Climb

Illustrations by Natalia Agate.
Ever since 2020, the concept of having or needing to pursue a “dream job” has been shifting, particularly during Pluto’s final degrees in Capricorn, which led to the phenomenon of the Great Resignation. In 2024, there is an invitation to dream up new possibilities for our careers, without putting the idea of being the ultimate boss babe on a pedestal. With Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, spending its final five months in the grounded sign of Taurus, many of us will be calling for four day work weeks, and more remote job opportunities that still have us feeling genuinely connected to the company culture. It won’t feel satisfactory to simply work for a paycheck; many beings will want to provide our talents to businesses and organizations who are changing the world for the better. 
But what exactly is “better”? It’s all subjective, and Mars’ six-week transit through Pisces from March 22 to April 30 will encourage us to deepen our intuitive abilities when deciding which career path to take, and why. Then once Mars enters its home sign of Aries from April 30 to June 9, we’ll have the courage to take bold action, allowing us to either quit jobs that feel unfulfilling or apply to ones that once felt out of our league. Aries is also the sign of the entrepreneur, so this may be one of the best periods of time for launching new entrepreneurial ventures, or securing funding for your start-up. 
Once Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25 — and remains there for the 13 months to follow — diversifying our career options becomes the name of the game. Many of us will want to explore more than one career path, which could look like working several part-time jobs, or having a main job and a side hustle. But Jupiter’s retrograde through Gemini on October 9 will remind us of the pitfalls of taking hustle culture to extremes, especially if we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. 
Keep in mind that Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, will be spending its longest period of time thus far in the sign of Aquarius — it’ll be there from January 20 to September 1, and then when it re-enters Aquarius again on November 19 it will stay there for the next twenty years. 
Pluto in Aquarius adds a layer of unpredictability to all professional decisions we make this year, so it’s best to keep your career options flexible, even if a part of you feels sure about the direction you envision yourself growing in. By year’s end, the disruptions from eclipse season (make note of the Libra lunar eclipse on March 25, the total solar eclipse in Aries on April 8, the Pisces lunar eclipse on September 8, and the Libra solar eclipse October 2) Pluto’s long term shift in Aquarius, Mars’ retrograde in Leo (starting December 6) could lead to you ending up in a completely different career space than you were in at the start of the year. 

Aries Sun & Rising: 

Aries, with the North Node in your sign until 2025, you have the green light to completely revamp your career, as long as it feels like you’re choosing a path that’s tied to your destiny. You’re in the mood to create a lasting legacy for yourself and your loved ones, and the best way to do this is to trust your instincts. Make the most of Mars’ transit through your sign from April 30 to June 9, as you’ll be feeling driven, ambitious, and motivated, allowing you to focus on your career objectives and take greater leaps of faith. 
Venus, the Planet of Social Connections, will also be in its home sign of Taurus during most of your Mars transit, which means you’ll magnetically attract what you want, as long as you plan it out ahead of time. Meanwhile, Jupiter’s final stretch through Taurus encourages you to take advantage of your PTO instead of letting workaholic behavior take the lead. 
Then on May 25 Jupiter leaves Taurus and enters Gemini for a 13-month stay, and this is an auspicious period for you professionally, as this transit lights up your communication and creativity sector. You’ll find yourself motivated to pitch new ideas and start new projects during this time, but the one caveat to this transit is that you may bite off more than you can chew and begin too many endeavors at once, making it difficult to maintain your motivation and long term focus. You’ll therefore benefit from teaming up with a work colleague who can balance out your qualities, ideally during Scorpio Season when the Sun is in your sector of merging. 

Taurus Sun & Rising: 

Have fun this year, Taurus. View your career as a form of play, rather than an obligation or duty. Jupiter’s continued transit through your sign up until May 25 helps you anchor yourself in what feels most fulfilling, but Uranus’ shift direct on January 27 (for a seven-month direct journey in your sign), could also lead to you getting sidetracked by other people’s problems or needs, particularly when it comes to the work they pile on you. If you work for yourself, make sure you’ve properly delegated tasks to people on your team, or if there’s no one on your team consider hiring freelancers or employees once Jupiter shifts into Gemini on May 25 (and remains in your money sector for 13 months). 
If you work for someone else, Jupiter in Gemini will at first be destabilizing because you’ll find that people are giving you more feedback than you’re used to — both positive and negative. But as you adjust to Jupiter’s new transit you’ll learn to integrate that feedback to become a more efficient and flexible coworker. Many Taureans may find themselves juggling more than one professional endeavor in the second half of the year, but once Jupiter retrograde begins on October 9, you may have to scale back and focus on the mission that speaks to you most. 

Gemini Sun & Rising: 

Gemini, you’re often known as the jack of all trades, but you’ve been doing a lot of soul searching during Jupiter’s transit through Taurus. This transit continues up until May 25, when Jupiter will then enter your sign for the next 13 months, amplifying your potential and overall abundance. This can feel both exciting and overwhelming at the same time, as you’ll notice that an influx of professional and creative opportunities come your way, particularly in the second half of the year. It’s up to you to cultivate the discernment to know which paths to pursue, and why. 
Pluto’s transition into your fellow air sign of Aquarius for most of this year has awakened you to possibilities that exist outside of your comfort zone. If you’ve worked in the same field for most of your career, this transit will definitely encourage you to rebrand yourself, take on a new course of study, or travel abroad for a sabbatical to figure out what it is you truly want to be doing and why. 
When combined with Jupiter’s presence in your sign, you’ll attract many exciting work opportunities this year, but you don’t have to say yes to all of them, particularly once Jupiter begins its four-month retrograde through your sign on October 9. The final quarter of the year may therefore be slower than the first three were, but it’ll allow you to re-evaluate your objectives and make sure that they’re aligned with your values (even if your values are also likely to often change during this rapidly-moving year). 

Cancer Sun & Rising: 

Cancer, the first three months of the year are all about exploring the possibilities when it comes to your career and not tying yourself down. Pisces Season in particular will encourage you to look into new ways of generating income, perhaps through starting an online business or finding strategies to better market and amplify the business you already have. 
Then, once Aries Season begins on March 19, your career sector is activated and things truly start to pick up. The solar eclipse new moon in Aries on April 8 is likely to catapult you to new heights in your career within that six-month time period — it may appear to be happening more quickly than you can initially manage, so it’ll be important to maintain a mindfulness practice such as yoga or meditation so that you don’t overwork yourself. Jupiter’s continued stay in Taurus up until May 25 will serve as stabilizing energy amidst all this momentum. 
Once the solstice and start of Cancer Season begins on June 21, take time to evaluate all that you’ve done in the first half of the year, and create a game plan for what you want to achieve in the second half. Jupiter will be in Gemini at that point in time, stimulating your sector of healing and spirituality, which indicates that you may not be as outwardly ambitious in the latter half of 2024 — you’ll be focused on pursuing professional objectives that benefit not only you, but humanity as a whole. Spirit-based career paths such as life coaching, teaching yoga or pilates, or writing a memoir may speak to you more than climbing your way up the corporate ladder. Lead with your heart. 

Leo Sun & Rising: 

Leo, this year your partnerships are likely to open up several doors for you professionally speaking, and this is largely due to Pluto’s shift in Aquarius for the majority of this year. Other than a brief return to Capricorn from September 1 to November 19, Pluto will remain in Aquarius for the next twenty years, teaching you that if you really want to make progress in terms of your vocational path, you don’t have to go at it alone. 
If you’re an entrepreneur, 2024 is the year where you may find your ideal co-founder or collaborator, and together you’ll be able to achieve more than you would solo. The key is to not let your ego get the best of you, particularly between April 30 and June 9, when Mars, the Planet of Action, is in your fellow fire sign of Aries. You may find it hard to remain flexible and open-minded during this transit, and you may prefer to work independently and then regroup later. 
Jupiter’s transit in Taurus up until May 25 stimulates your career sector, teaching you to slow your roll when manifesting the promotions or level-up that you’ve been envisioning since last year. By June of this year, you’re likely to have achieved what you had been diligently working on, and during the rest of the year you’ll reap the rewards of your consistency, most likely via several sources since Jupiter will spend 13 months in the in the “jack of all trades” sign of Gemini starting May 25. 
One thing to keep in mind: At the end of the year you may have a sudden change of heart about your career path due to Mars beginning its retrograde in your sign on December 6. Be a curious observer of what career shifts occur around this time, but try your best to wait until the end of February 2025 before making any fixed decisions about what to do next.

Virgo Sun & Rising: 

Virgo, during the first five months of the year you’re likely to be inspired by a mentor or professional figure who you admire greatly. This is the time to take notes from them and let yourself reimagine what’s possible for you in your career — particularly if you ended 2023 feeling unsure about where to direct your energy. Jupiter’s presence in Taurus helps you slow down and get in touch with your own values when decision making, and this will help ensure that you create a sustainable plan for any professional decisions you make this year. 
Once Jupiter shifts into Gemini on May 25 (and remains there for a 13-month stay), your sector of career and reputation is lit up, making you one of the luckiest zodiac signs when it comes to career prospects. But having so much mercurial energy in your life (Gemini is also ruled by Mercury like you) could lead to decision-paralysis, particularly around October 9 when Jupiter begins a four-month retrograde through Gemini. 
Use all Mercury retrogrades this year (April 1 to April 25, August 6 to August 28, and November 25 to December 15) to pause your typical routine and ask yourself, “Is the work I’m doing aligned with my long-term goals? Am I being compensated in the way that I deserve? Am I settling or is there something more that I’m ready to pursue?” These questions will help you ensure you’re consistently putting yourself out of your comfort zone and that you know your worth. 

Libra Sun & Rising: 

Libra, so much of your career progress this year has to do with you staying true to yourself and not letting the opinions of others influence you or steer you off path. The South Node, which represents our karmic past, is in your sign all year long, encouraging you to quiet the outside noise and tune into yourself — are you doing what you really want to be doing with your life? If so, celebrate yourself and keep going. If not, it’s not too late to re-route. 
The lunar eclipse in your sign on March 25 signifies a turning point for you, and you may decide to leave a job that no longer fulfills you or that doesn’t seem to pay you what you’re worth. There will be a period of limbo, but by the time the Aries solar eclipse strikes two weeks later on April 8, a new doorway of aligned opportunities will present themselves for the six months to come. This fresh start will most likely be due to a close friend or romantic partner who presents you with an auspicious opportunity. 
May and June are likely to be some of your most successful months professionally, and Jupiter’s shift into your fellow air sign of Gemini on May 25 will help you charm your way into some of the toughest rooms to get into, and when you get there you’ll find that some of the VIPs already know your name — or that they were looking for someone like you to work or collaborate with. The key is to avoid distractions during Jupiter’s 13-month stay in Gemini, or else you may end up playing hard but not working equally hard, and this could jeopardize your success. 

Scorpio Sun & Rising: 

Scorpio, welcome to one of the most rewarding years for you, professionally speaking. A lot of the rewards have been building up behind the scenes these past two years, and now that you’ve made it through the eclipses that have been occurring in your sign ever since 2021 (and you’ve also made it through the South Node’s presence in your sign), you’re feeling lighter, more expansive, and filled with optimism at what’s to come. 
There will still be plot twists, though. Pluto, one of your planetary rulers, re-enters Aquarius this year, and remains there from January 20 to September 1. During this time your sector of roots and the home will be activated, and once Pluto re-enters Aquarius on November 19, during Scorpio Season, it will remain there for the next twenty years to come. This means that one of the key challenges when it comes to your career will be finding a way to balance your ambitious objectives with your familial responsibilities. 
Yes, your career may be booming this year — largely due to Jupiter’s entrance into Gemini, activating your sector of merging, and leading to serendipitous professional alliances — but this could lead to you doing so much at work that you neglect your family members or those who feel like family. Consider yourself forewarned: Creating a work-life balance is an essential part of your professional satisfaction this year. Or else you’ll end up with plenty of prizes and a booming bank account, but it’ll feel incredibly lonely at the top. 
Leo Season is one of the prime periods for allowing yourself to selfishly narrow-in on your career goals, so if there were to be a time when you shut out the outside world and let your tunnel vision take over, it’d be when the Sun is in Leo, as well as when Mars, your second planetary ruler, is in Leo starting November 3. The one caveat is that on December 6, Mars will begin its retrograde in Leo, which could lead to you second-guessing yourself and your career path, or perhaps even realizing that while you’ve done an excellent job of reparenting yourself and letting go of procrastination, you haven’t been tending to your inner child’s needs. By the end of the year, you’ll be focused on making sure the work you’re doing genuinely feels like play. 

Sagittarius Sun & Rising: 

Sagittarius, this is a major year for you professionally speaking, as your planetary ruler Jupiter will switch signs on May 25, making this a story of two distinct chapters. Prior to May 25, Jupiter’s presence in Taurus has you focused on creating a more solid work routine — and this can feel uncomfortable because you’re a freedom-oriented sign that tends to shy away from anything that feels too structured or predictable. 
But Jupiter and Uranus are both in Taurus teaching you that “with great power comes great responsibility”. You have the power to create a career that leaves a lasting legacy for yourself, your descendants, and the world at large. But in order to create that legacy you can’t fear being disciplined, and even at times being bored. Falling in love with the process of the work you do will be your priority during Jupiter in Taurus. 
Then once Jupiter shifts into your opposite sign of Gemini on May 25, you’ll be focused on the power of intentionally working with the right team, or partners. If you’ve been wanting to launch a business or you already have one, Jupiter’s presence in Gemini will connect you with people who have a similar vision as you do, but who also are able to provide their own input and varying perspectives, allowing the project to unfold organically and with greater support. Just keep an eye out for Jupiter’s four-month retrograde through Gemini starting October 9, because you may suddenly have a change of heart regarding your professional path, and this could lead to you pushing away people you had previously deemed your long-term partners. 

Capricorn Sun & Rising: 

Capricorn, with your planetary ruler Saturn spending all year in the whimsical sign of Pisces, your sector of creativity and communication is activated. This year, you’ll be seeking the softer life. You won’t want to hustle your way to the top but you’ll be focused on enjoying everything you’ve already manifested. This will particularly be the case during the first five months of the year, when Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, remains in your fellow Earth sign of Taurus. Jupiter in Taurus is teaching you the power of stillness. There’s strength in regeneration and appreciating life’s simple pleasures such as being present with your loved ones, cultivating a garden, and drinking a cup of tea while reading your favorite book. It’s as you intentionally do less that you’ll have sparks of inspiration regarding what your purpose really is. 
Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, is also playing a major role in the metamorphosis you’re experiencing this year. On January 20 Pluto will leave your sign and return to Aquarius until September 1. This eight-month stretch of having Pluto in your money and security sector will encourage you to revamp the way you previously looked at your work routine. If you worked a nine-to-five that demanded a lot of physical labor, you’re likely to start looking into ways to make money remotely or online. 
You may also be drawn to more humanitarian work rather than the hyper-capitalist jobs that may initially seem to pay you more, but that often come at the cost of your personal freedom, your ethics, and your joy. Once Pluto re-enters your sign for one final time in our lifetime (from September 1 to November 19), you’re likely to have your “Aha!” moment and feel like you’re being oriented toward the career path that’s truly aligned with your new and evolved self. Take your time adjusting to all these changes, Capricorn, and be sure to celebrate yourself along the way. 

Aquarius Sun & Rising: 

Aquarius, as one of the most intellectual and genius signs of the zodiac, your career options this year are expansive and filled with possibilities. Pluto re-enters your sign on January 20 and remains there until September 1. During this time you’ll be a highly sought-after work candidate, even for jobs that you haven’t applied for. Take your time to make sure the positions are aligned with your values, because Jupiter’s continued transit through Taurus squares off (creates astrological friction) with Pluto in Aquarius, and this could lead to you feeling overwhelmed by all the opportunities coming your way. You could also feel stretched in several directions if you’re an entrepreneur managing multiple projects, and you may need to simplify or streamline your objectives during the first half of the year, particularly once Mars enters Aries from April 30 to June 9. 
Once Jupiter shifts into Gemini on May 25 (for a 13-month stay), things start to lighten up as you find ways to view work as an invitation to experiment with a variety of talents, fields, and perspectives. Your sector of fate and true love is activated by Jupiter in Gemini, which means that the more you allow yourself to have fun, flirt, date, and connect with people outside of your own self, the more stimulated and happy you’ll feel at work. Your love life and your professional life are interconnected this year, Aquarius, so try not to neglect either area of your life, but rather find a balance between them. 
Pluto will briefly leave your sign from September 1 to November 19, and during this period you’ll have a conversation with yourself regarding your spiritual beliefs. If the work you’re doing goes against some of your core guidelines, you may change courses or take a sabbatical from work altogether. By the time Pluto re-enters your sign on November 19, you’ll be on more solid ground, ready to take your career path to new heights and change the game. 

Pisces Sun & Rising: 

Pisces, you’re likely to start off the year in a more low-key mood where you’re focused on your friendships and your spiritual goals due to Capricorn and Aquarius season lighting up those sectors of your life. Then once Pisces Season begins, followed by the new moon in your sign on March 10, and Mars’ entrance into your sign March 22, you’ll feel confident and motivated to kick things up a notch in your career, with Saturn’s continued transit in your sign serving to anchor you and make sure your professional decisions are aligned with your purpose. 
Jupiter, your planetary ruler, remains in Taurus until May 25, activating your communication and creativity sector. All Pisces will find themselves wanting to focus their energy and talents toward careers that allow them to use their imaginations. If you’re stuck in a nine-to-five corporate job that bores you to tears, you’re likely to call it quits during Jupiter’s transit through Taurus. 
Then once Jupiter enters Gemini, your sector of domesticity and roots is activated. You’ll find yourself inspired by the career path of your ancestors during this time, so if you have a family business or there’s a special talent that runs in your family, you may feel called to take that on and keep the tradition going, but you’ll give it your own unique spin. Let yourself explore the possibilities without limiting yourself to one set path this year, Pisces. The lunar eclipse in your sign on September 17 is likely to be one of the most rewarding periods for you professionally — you may get a promotion, be offered a raise, or achieve a significant milestone in your business if you work for yourself. 
Jupiter’s retrograde through Gemini on October 9 brings you closer to your ideal professional reality, because it will expose the times when you’ve lied to yourself about what you really want to be doing. You may experience a period of aimlessness at the start of this retrograde, but the full moon in Aries on October 17 signifies that another reward is right around the corner — so keep the faith and remain optimistic about your career prospects as you enter the fourth quarter. And remember Pisces: to really achieve what your heart desires, you must be disciplined.

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