Caraway’s Bakeware Makes Me Feel Like A Gen-Z Martha Stewart

Photo: Courtesy of Caraway.
When you say "Caraway," we say "cookware" — that is, until today. The equal parts sustainable, stunning, and beloved kitchenware brand is expanding its conveniently bundled pots and pans to include non-toxic, ceramic-coated bakeware just in time for the holidays. The new debut (slated to ship in late October) comes in the form of two sets: a grand 11-piece set (priced at $395 or $35.90 per piece) including a storage rack, cooling rack, large and medium baking sheets, a rectangle and square pan, two circle pans, a loaf pan, muffin tin, and two storage units; or a more small-space-friendly 5-piece half set (priced at $245 or $49 per piece) including the two baking sheets, rectangle baking pan, muffin pan, and streamlining storage unit. Both expectedly sleek bakeware bundles are available in Caraway's iconic colorways (Perracotta, Cream, Sage, and Navy) in addition to a new bakeware-exclusive hue: Slate. And, of course, it wouldn't be a Caraway classic set without the brand's signature storage organizer thrown into its lineup.

To find out how the very aesthetically pleasing and expertly curated bakeware stacks up inside a real kitchen, read on for a first-person review from our Shopping team's deputy director — aka a beginner baker whose oven collection previously consisted of one very old sheet pan.

Caraway's bakeware bundle makes me feel like a Gen-Z Martha Stewart.

Elizabeth Buxton, R29 Deputy Director
As aforementioned, the Complete Bakeware Set includes all 11 non-toxic, non-stick pieces for $395, while the standard Bakeware Set only includes: Storage, two Baking Sheets, and a 12-cup Muffin Pan for $245. Caraway's kitchen products land at a higher price point for their luxe features — this specific set is oven safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, free of FPAs, non-stick, and has an aluminized steel body with ceramic coating and stainless steel handles.

Caraway Bakeware Review

"While I fancy myself a true cooking enthusiast, I am a very far cry from a baker. (I live and die by the old kitchen adage that cooking is an art and baking is a science.) Because of this, the amply stocked kitchen in my home has been embarrassingly lacking in the bakeware department. Before Caraway graciously offered to send me its fully stocked & loaded 11-piece set, I kid you not when I say there was nary a muffin tin or cake pan to be seen — I relied on one trusty sheet pan for the occasional Tollhouse cookie batch but otherwise avoided baking endeavors altogether. In layman's terms: I'm a big baking beginner."

It's a unique set that says: I like to have a good time and bake banana bread but you better believe I run a tight ship.

Elizabeth Buxton, R29 Deputy Editor
"Drawn in by its chic colorways (I opted for the Perracotta pictured above) and storage-savvy design, I was hopeful owning such a strongly curated collection would inspire me to find my inner baker. When my set arrived, I was surprised at how sustainable the packaging was; no plastic and not one unnecessary box inside a box or miscellaneous insert. Unboxing (although it was a large shipment) was a breeze and I was delighted to discover the added bonus of two little cute cork trivets tucked inside. The bakeware came pre-organized inside its two storage bins, so I was able to easily pull both of them out and transfer them to the empty cabinet space that had been collecting dust inside my kitchen. Each piece felt light but not to the point of being flimsy and I was impressed at just how pretty the pink-terracotta looked in person."

"While I did not include any real-baking photos as part of this review (full disclosure: my attempts at a cake and sourdough loaf were futile), Caraway's new bakeware is less about the actual oven experience for me — although I can attest that each piece is, in fact, as legendarily non-stick and durable as its cult-favorite cookware (no weird buckling of the pans was experienced when baking under higher temps). The real draw, which I have pictured above, is how insanely satisfying the brand's storage capabilities are. Owning such a stacked lineup of bakeware essentials that look this stylish and streamlined inside my (often chaotic) kitchen makes me feel like a Gen-Z Martha Stewart. It's a unique set that says: I like to have a good time and bake banana bread but you better believe I run a tight ship."

Both sets are perfect for beginners (like me) who may not know where the heck to start with buying good-looking bakeware that doesn't skimp on quality.

"Although I cannot confidently say this beautiful new bakeware collection will awaken the muffin-maker inside of me, it will certainly get a LOT of use over the holidays when we host Thanksgiving and the real pastry chefs of my family put them to proper use. I also plan to use the roasting rack, pan, and baking sheets for more savory oven feats (roasted meat, veggies, etc.). All in all, I think both sets are perfect for beginners (like me) who may not know where the heck to start with buying good-looking bakeware that doesn't skimp on quality." – Elizabeth Buxton, R29 Deputy Director
Head over to Caraway's site to lock in an order of this stylish bakeware set before the holidays hit.
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